Wednesday, October 7, 2009

It's ON

It ALL starts TODAY.
My Phillies won their division the NL East and now will play Colorado for the
chance to go to the next stage- The National League Championship games.
Today the game is at 2:35 and that has some folks upset- they are at work
and can't watch... It really doesn't make sense! But I don't have the info
that the TV and the League has- so we deal with it.
I do have tickets to game 3 at home which will be next Tues.
I am so happy we are in the playoffs... it will be a battle- but we want to repeat.
I will have the tv on but will listen to the game on the radio- that way I can run
and watch any big plays on the TV when they happen.

I have been busy finishing up the canning/freezing. Howdy gave me a fairytale pumpkin that I cooked and got 14 cups of puree to use in pies and breads. I froze it and will hopefully put up another one for later use.

I have 3 baby quilts to finish this week- one of the showers is this weekend. I also have a work quilt I am working on- it is a Wedding Ring quilt and I had to turn it so it was a good time to throw the baby quilts on real quick, then I put the WR back on and finish it.

Gotta run,


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