Tuesday, October 13, 2009

I was so torn

With the playoff games in Denver, the weather was so cold they postponed one of the games from Sat to Sun & would play on Mon. If they split these games then game 5 would be back in Philly on Tuesday.
I have tickets to the game on Tuesday in Philly- IF the game is needed.
We won the game on Sunday- even in the bitter cold... the game lasted till after 2 am-BUT I stayed up to watch. Then Monday's game- not as cold- we had the lead till the bottom of the 8th when the Rockies came back and went up by 2 runs....
NOW I was torn.............. do I cheer that we come back in the 9th and WIN the series....
OR do I say- oh well there is always a game in Philly on Tuesday? Oh what to do.....
Well- I did what any TRUE fan would do- I cheered for a rally in the 9th and we went up by 1 and BEAT the Rockies to WIN the Division Series. YIPPEE !!
And my tickets are worthless! *sigh*

So on we go to LA to play the Dodgers on Thursday. We beat them last year to make it to the World Series. So I feel confident that we can whip them again and return to the WS.

In the meantime- I have been busy trying to get my DMIL's room fixed up for her. She is o
ut of town visiting her sister, and while she is gone, we are moving the rest of her furniture from her condo, and the rest of her personal things. I am making a comforter for her bed and new curtains, so her room will be pretty for her. She loves pink and roses so I hope she will like this.

I have enough of this fabric to make this comforter and then also curtains. I am really pleased with the way it has quilted- very pretty.

I also just finished with the new bowling league shirts. Last years shirts were black with colorful flames on the sleeves and the button yoke. I did the design directly on the back of the shirts. SInce these guys also fish together- they chose the name "The Hookers" with the "k"
extended to look like a fish hook, and the "oo's" to look like bowling balls.

These are the shirts we had last year.

The design.

So this year we changed shirts to a lightweight knit shirt. The guys wanted to keep the name
so I was gonna have to duplicate the same embroidery I did last year- on my cheapo machine...
I suggested using last years shirts- cut them up and make a patch decal out of the design and just sew THAT on the shirts.

So I cut it out to look like a bowling ball and just sewed that on each shirt. They looked sharp walking into the bowling alley all decked out in their team shirts. I got alot of nice comments on the shirts also. I still have to duplicate 1 of the designs- last years alternate would not give us his shirt- which was his to keep... so I have to make one up for MY shirt. We also decided that now the guys get to keep the shirt but the patch decal stays with the team. So next year we can just sew it onto a new shirt- if they change shirts again.

Later Darlin'

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Ruthie said...

Very pretty quilting and the shirt idea is wonderful!