Thursday, March 5, 2009

One more finished - one more started

Well, I worked like a crazy woman- which if you know me ain't a stretch!
I made all my leaf blocks and then arranged them to be twirling & tumbling and then I sewed them all together like that. Inside a 20 inch mark on my board.

And this is the finished piece. I did little curls as my stitching - kinda like a leaf falling in a light breeze. I called it "Falling Tumbling Leaves." I was very happy with this little quilt.

It was 20" x 20" and this is the backside. I sewed a rod pocket on it for hanging.

It has been mailed and I await her response...... She picked Fall as her season and orange color!!!

The next project I just finished was some pillows and armrest covers. A friend asked me BEFORE Christmas if I could change the covers on osme pillows and make new covers to lay on the arm rests. I said sure thing... if you let me finish the 2 or 3 quilts- and let me go home for nearly a month- then you will be next.
Well she waited patiently, and I had to tackle that project.
Let me state- I AM A QUILTER- because I like it..... I can sew- but that don't mean I want to- especially upholster items.... like new pillow covers WITH zippers added and piping on them... what a pain in the ------. I got them finished, along with the neckroll pillow and the armrest covers and the head drape for the chair. She was pleased, I was ok with it.... I was so eager to give them to her I forgot to get pics.... she will email me some.

Ya know, while I was home, I was showing a friend the pic of my quilts I've made. They are on my itouch, so you just flip from one to the next- really a cool way to see pics. As I was showing each I would say what it was for. Like - "a comfort quilt" or "cancer quilt" or such. She stopped and looked me square in the face and said " boy you know ALOT of folks with cancer or have lost someone" ....... Sadly, that is true! I see a need and I fill it, with a simple quilt to help ease their pain. It may not be much, but I feel good doing them.

I have a new one to make, a comfort quilt for Janine. Her husband John passed away today at the age of 43 from colon cancer. John worked with Neo-Man, only he worked nights on the ambulance. He found the cancer last June and has fought a good fight, but it had a head start and he couldn't win. I made him a quilt last June. It was all the NFL teams and other sports fabrics.

Neo-Man told Janine if she wanted to bury John with his quilt, I could cut off a picec of it and place it on her quilt. He is such a caring man! And John's death has really affected Neo-Man... he realized we are NOT promised tomorrow- TODAY is a gift - SO LIVE IT!
So, again I see a need and I will fill it!
And John- you will not be forgotten!

I still have 6 baby quilts to make.... those are HAPPY quilts!! I need to make them right now!

Y'all be safe!
Later Darlin'!

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