Tuesday, December 30, 2008

A smidgen, a pinch & a dash

What a great Christmas we had.
Having family together was a nice gift.

I got a great gift from my sister Howdy. She bought these for her own use and I loved them.
Have you ever read an old recipe that called for a "pinch or a dash" of something? Just how much is that???
Well problem solved!


I can't wait to find a recipe that calls for a dash of something-- I am ready!

Santa also brought us a Wii Fit. We (as in Neo-Man & I) got the Wii (the game)
last year, but got tired of bowling and playing golf... so the Wii sat idle.
I saw someone playing the Wii Fit and really liked it. I figured it was an easy way for Neo-Man & I to get in a different shape- since our rotund shape is not healthy nor good looking....
DMIL can also use it in her rehab from hip surgery, we had the PT use it and confirm her ability to use it safely.

Neo-Man has never done yoga... but he is trying.


I also got some new perfume from Neo-Man. I have wanted the Hypnose from Lancome
for the longest time and now I have it... I smell so pretty!!!

Little Toot got SO MANY toys he hasn't opened all of the toys yet.
Logan is staggering them so he can play with them, then try something new.
He had a good time out at his Gramps house- here he is playing pool.


and he's had a great time with his Aunt Meems.


So we are all looking forward to a GREAT NEW YEAR!!!

Y'all be safe and have fun!! See ya next year!
Later Darlin'

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Howdy said...

I hope ya didn't think I gave you my measuring spoons... I went and got you your own set - well mostly because I didn't want you to have to drive all the way out here when I needed them. Kayse thought they were soooo cool she got a set as well.