Saturday, November 22, 2008

The Rehab begins

My DMIL had to have hip replacement surgery yesterday. She will be 79 in Jan.
Surgery went well and they will start getting her moving today.
She will be in the hospital for about 3 days and then moved on to rehab for about a week.

We will have her moved to an assisted living home that has a Respite Room for
a period of time... at least for 6 weeks while she is on the blood thinner meds-
hopefully longer if we can work it out.
With her dementia she is no longer able to maintain her life without assistance.
She THINKS she is... but she is NOT! Her safety & well being have become an issue.
She is VERY HEAD STRONG and driven to live on her own.... so this may be a battle.
So keep us in your prayers!

I am working on a PP quilt that I put off for months- I dreaded doing paper piecing.
My sister Howdy showed me a magazine article which had simple instructions from Carol Doak
on how to do PP.
WHAT A GOD SEND!!! These instructions have saved my life and the sanity of Neo-Man...
Once you pre-cut all your fabric to the right size, everything fits so nice and neat and goes together so quickly. This block is 16 inches, I am working on it in 8th- the triangles all sew up to make this block.
The quilt has 12 blocks... so I have a few more to go.... but it's so nice to do now that I KNOW what I am doing. Thanks Howdy & Carol Doak!

Well I need to keep sewing. Then up to the hospital for me.

Later Darlin'


Gizmo said...

Prayers are on the way!
The block looks beautiful!! Carol Doak is great! You should try her 50 PP Stars! :)

Anonymous said...

Prayers for each of you to deal with this situation with grace and gentleness. Love the block!


Anonymous said...

Paper Piecing. (even after having Carol for a Teacher, in Nashua.)


Good luck with DMIL.


Anonymous said...

Oh! BTW, that quilt is gorgeous!! good job!!!