Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving to All!
I have been wondering just what to post this year, so I checked what I had last year.
This is a quote from my Thanksgiving post last year;

"I hope all of y'all had a wonderful Thanksgiving! I sure did, LOTS of great food and a family to spend it with. I have much to be thankful for. The love of my husband & children. The many friends I have. My health- be that as it may... I still wake up on this side of the grass. My parents are still in fairly good health for their "Golden Age" and ALL my siblings are still alive and healthy... The talent the Lord blessed me with to help bring joy into folks lives. I have been blessed with much and I appreciate it everyday! And I thank the good Lord everyday for my blessings!"

After reading it, I really feel the same-only there are a few more things to add, like-

I am thankful to all our Sailors and Soldiers who put their lives on the line to protect me and my freedoms. I am thankful that I live in this country and am PROUD to be an AMERICAN.
My beautiful wonderful grandbaby Kaleb, who is nearly 10 months old and the JOY to the family.
My sister Howdy living closer to me- it is SO wonderful to have someone from my family nearby.
I am thankful for Neo-Man's job security... that is something that is so rare today.I know I am forgetting some things to add... but you get the picture-
I am so appreciative of what I have and the life I live. I have been blessed by the good Lord!

I have been busy on Barry's quilt. I am all finished piecing the blocks. I took the pages up to the rehab center and spent the time tearing paper off. Now I am sewing the center sq's on each block and will start to sash them, with red and the border is the dark blue. Hopefully I can have it on the frame this weekend.

If you are not into football **gasp** there is a show on tonight you might enjoy watching.
It is "Punkin Chunkin 2008" on the Science channel at 9pm. You can check out their website.
I have been to this event a few times and have enjoyed it every time.

All different kind of machines designed to sling a pumpkin the farthest. They have things like this LARGE trebuchet- Yankee Seige. Look at the guys standing next to the wheels.
They broke a world record this year with a launch of 1,897.47 ft.

This is like a hugh crossbow catapult...

This is the LARGEST sling shot I have ever seen.

You have to watch this whirly-gig video. You hear this "whoop whoop whoop" and it gets faster and faster and then fling.... the pumpkin is launched.

And then there are the BIG air cannons. The world record for the big guns was broken this year and the new record is 4,483.51 ft. That is nearly a mile... a pumpkin launched nearly a mile!!

So if you get a chance, turn on the Science channel and watch this years compition.
It will be a fun time... a great time is actually being there!
This is me in front of the Punkin Chunkin Trophy in 2001.

So Happy Thanksgiving Y'all!!!


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