Saturday, November 1, 2008

In my RIGHT mind

Now that I have come to my senses, and the euphoria of the World Championship has passed.... there is NO WAY I am going to the city for the parade. My hips hurt to walk much and I hate LOUD noise... So I will stay home and watch it on tv.

What a GREAT decision!!! This is what it looked like at the beginning of the parade route in downtown Philly.

Championship Parade downtown Philly

They were expecting about a million fans to descend on Philly. They asked folks to take public transit- the trains and subway. Well that didn't work! The train were full coming in from the burbs and from Atlantic City and the trains couldn't stop when the got to the stations--- so they just passed on by.... leaving folks at the stations for hours. They even closed the NJ train stations... 1 hour BEFORE the parade- with close to 5000 folks waiting at EACH station!

Over 2 million fans showed up at the Citizen Bank Park area.

Phillies Parade

They filled both the Phillie's ballpark AND the Eagles Football stadium.... and the area around the parks was packed...

It took hours to get the folks out.... They NEVER expected the size of the crowds!!!

But all in all- it was a great day- one for Philly to say "Thank You Guys for bringing us a Championship!"

the funniest thing... they had a street employee go around and grease all of the light poles on the parade route... so idiots couldn't climb them! It worked!

Now... it's over.
It's only 121 days till Spring training!

Later Darlin'

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