Thursday, May 22, 2008

1st you see it- NOW you don't

I've been here 17 years- and I HATE my flower beds! They were just yuck... small and full of rocks and hardly no plants. I have tried over the years but nothin'.... just YUCK!

When we moved in this was sculpted real nice into this spiral shape... now it's just a shape. UGLY

NOT ANY MORE BABY!!! Neo-Man has been helping Mikey paint over at Mikey's during the last year, Neo-Man is a very good painter... Mikey is not.....

BUUUUTTTTT Mikey is a very good landscaper! He worked in the trade for years.... ah ha!
See whats happening here? Neo-Man is following orders and cutting down the evergreens that were in my iris bed- that will soon be moved to the backyard. All of this clutter is going!

Mikey is paying us back for the painting- we are bartering our services! Well his and Brian & Rick. Brian can cut out some flowers bed shapes- he is good at it.

This is the new shape of my flower bed.... I am so excited!!! I have 4 yards of top soil to be delivered onto the driveway in the morning. They -we will haul it up and load this area with new soil and plants. Even Mikey and my neighbor Ms Egan has some plants for me to have....
I Like a community garden idea this year...they donate and we get the joy! COOL!

But before it's cool- it's still messy and as Mikey is showing - full of stuff that don't belong in a garden- like foam insulation for blew in and got stuck in the clutter.

The wind has been really wicked today and the last few days...
See what our day ended with- after the rain stopped.


this one was at 6:30 and not as bright as.....................


We got a double rainbow!!! REALLY COOL!! This one was at 7:30....You could see BOTH of the rainbows...


And you could see alot of the bands of color.


even through the trees!

So I guess it means "GOOD LUCK" when you are putting in a flower garden and a rainbow appears to inspire you!

All in a days work creating beauty!!!! They say it takes a village- here it is more a village of idiots. Trust me....we were laughing WAY too hard to be working.

Later Darlin'.... I have an ice pack calling me,,,, I'm limping over there.....

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Howdy said...

I'll have to make sure I use the GPS the next time I come over - I may not recognize the place anymore!