Thursday, April 3, 2008

Technology SUCKS

Why is it??? When you get a new device- let's just say THE SAME PHONE ONLY NEWER
it is so hard to program all your numbers in it???

I did the "Copy to SIM" and then "COPY TO PHONE" so now ALL my numbers are IN there.

Only they are just a "PHONE" number- NOT Mobile or Home or Work....Like they were in my other exactly like phone...

I had to sit down after dinner and correct all the entries AND ADD all the email addresses AND add ALL the pictures- I know Neo-Man came in sometime and kissed me good-night... it was 1 am when I got up from the table finally done.......... and then I lost the ONLY 2 ringtones I have bought!! WTF!!!
And my favorite one- Harry Kalas calling a home run for the Phillies IS NOT available anymore!!!! Arrrgggh

I HATE TECHNOLOGY!! Why can't it be a simple as my head is? You turn your new phone on and presto... all is right with the world!

I am off to the ballgame today! I hate April 3rd so I am gonna spend it with my Boys of Summer and find some joy today...
Y'all have a good one! And kiss the ones you love!

I miss you Seth! Love Granny

Later Darlin'

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