Friday, April 18, 2008

Six Word Memoir...

My sister Howdy found this tag over on Lisa Boyer's blog about being tagged for a Six Word Memoir...

I have thought allot about this- only six words as my memoir??? And then it came to me-
"Live Your Life With A Smile"

Of course- It seems simple- and it is.
It is free, it is easy and most times it's involuntary. It is contagious...
You see someone with a big ol grin on their face you can't help but smile back at them-
just in anticipation of hearing what caused them to smile.

It lightens your mood... sets the folks you are with at ease... It encourages Happiness!
If you live your life with a smile on your face- then you have lived a happy life!!
So make sure you have yours on today.
The world needs more smiles!!

My facial

PS: while you are at Lisa's blog- check out her zippered bags and the links she posted for free patterns for bags.
Later Darlin'

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