Saturday, December 1, 2007

The gift that gives!!!

In this season of gift giving... I am honored to be a part of the best kind of gift giving...

My brother-in-law James is donating a kidney to his sister Sherri, after she has been suffering on dialysis for a couple of years. THAT is the ultimate gift!

The surgery will be in a few weeks. I am busy making him a quilt to use in the hospital- as he HATES to be cold and hospitals are ALWAYS cold... I am making Sherri one also. I am going to take one block from James' quilt and leave a black square, and place it on Sherri's quilt.
It IS a transplant quilt!!

James loves chickens... I found this fabric in my stash and just had to use it. I call it Funky Chickens. These are the colors that will be used with it.

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and here are two blocks so far.

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I am off to sew- lots and lots of sewing!!
Later Darlin'

Love Momma

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Doodlebug Gail said...

What wonderful gifts ..... both the kidney and the quilts. How good to see you've started Blogging. I saw your 4PSP quilts on Howdy's slideshow - I'm busy doing one at the moment.

And one more thing Darlin' - HUGE HUGS for that new grandbaby I read about at the beginning of your Blog. That makes me so happy for you all.

Gail L. (Toronto, Canada)