Thursday, November 29, 2007

Woo Hoo- happy Cowboy fan!!

Yep- that's me- HAPPY HAPPY!!! 11-1 that's us- the Dallas Cowboys!!

It was a great game- or what I heard of it was good.

See, I DON'T have the NFL network on my digital cable.....
So I didn't get to watch the game on tv.
I had to search the internet to find the radio station that carries the Cowboys games.
I found it- 93.3 The Bone... and I could hear the game UNTIL halftime.

Then I lost the signal. I remember hearing the announcers talk about sharing the game-but they never really elaborated on how. All I know is halftime came and they went???

So then I was scrambling to find another broadcast of the game- and low and behold NFLnetwork.COM carried the game. I could watch the game, live, but I had to watch the play-by-play guys in the studio more than they showed the PLAY on the field. Oh well I still got to see the end of the game.

So all told, I listened to the first 2 quarters and missed most of the 3rd quarter except the last 3 min and semi watched the 4th quarter online, in a small screen, mixed with 3 broadcasters.... Now THAT was a different experience!!

Like I said- I AM A LOYAL DALLAS COWBOY FAN! Whatever it takes!

And Giz- it was a good game- but I won!

Gooooooooooooo Cowboys!!!

Later Darlin'


Gizmo said...

It was a good game! I did watch (most) of it. Now Brett is's a sad day in Green Bay! I'll put your prize in with the fabric.
Remember - DS#2's middle name is Dallas! It was changed from his first name at the last minute - because of MY favorite Dallas Cowboys! ;)

Dawn-Marie said...

I heard all about how my husband couldn't watch the game. I think he mentioned it numerous times!LOL