Sunday, November 18, 2007


Ok Teri has tagged me on this one so here goes...

10 years ago:
I owned a craft mall in south jersey with over 75 vendors, and I was running myself ragged. We had beautiful craft items- but ultimately could not compete with the cheap overseas market...
My DFIL had just passed away and we were trying to deal with all of that. My son was about to graduate from HS and my daughters HS softball team had just won the OK State championship.

20 years ago:
I was living in Tulsa, dealing with the end my marriage and trying to start over again. I was working 2 jobs to make ends meet- at a local police department as a dispatcher and at Chuck E Cheese Pizza making pizzas- this is where I met Kevin who is now my husband. I shared custody with my ex and we lived only 5 houses from each other- so I saw my kids alot.

30 years ago:
It was my senior yr in HS in Ft Worth, TX. I was working out at the AFB- as a lifeguard during the summer, and as banquet help at the Officers Club and the Airmens Dining Hall serving on the chow line. I dropped out of school- thinking I was smarter than everyone and worked way too many hours...But I was a skinny 18 yr old, with a car- and had lots of single GI's as friends... life was fun!

I think I have learned many things from my youth... one is I don't want to do it over again!

Later Darlin'

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