Thursday, June 24, 2010

Wow! I've been that busy

I tell ya- I need to slow down!

The end of May, my Daddy came to PA for a visit to my sisters. So I was running back and forth there to visit with them, it's not THAT far- just a little over an hour ride on highway, I really don't mind the ride- I get out in the country and it's a pretty drive...

They were busy trying to get her flower/veggie beds in and lots of work in the garden to do. So I enjoyed helping them out.

Dad made a good scarecrow- he felt right at home in the overalls, since he was a kid in Kansas growing up wearing them.

We made a trip to Gettysburg to tour the battlefield- which was very interesting. This is Tom and Dad at the statue of Lincoln outside the museum. It was on this trip that I dropped my Kodak camera and broke it.... dagnabit
Tom & Dad at Gettysburg 2010

Daddy left just a few days later after having a wonderful visit. But not before he made a trip to VA to surprise my brother Lee, who has been in Iraq for over 6 months and had just returned a few hours earlier. Dad called him and then rang the door bell- Lee had to answer BOTH and kinda stumped him... too funny

The one part of my sisters garden that was flourishing was her strawberry beds... and I mean she had strawberries.

I picked and brought home enough to fill 7 quart bags for the freezer- remember I am busy and can't can them right now, later I will make jam.
7 QTs strawberries

Her cherry trees are also ready, so we picked the red ones and the black ones.
Picking black cherries 6/14/10

and the results= 4 Qts red ones, 6 Qts black cherries frozen for future use.
4 QT red cherry- 6 QT black cherry

I have been busy at home- working on my yard and flower beds.Neo-Man spread the mulch, I helped weed and plant.


My hydrangeas are doing wonderful this year- we did not cut them back after last year and they bloomed really BIG this year.


We planted an elephant ear plant in the stump from the cedar tree that was struck by lightening and added a hydrangea plant- a cutting started from my sisters hydrangea bush.


Still working on the back yard.
Had more family in for a visit and some quilting that I had to work on... so I will save that for the next post.

Y'all stay cool- this will be me later...


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Montie said...


How do you have time to do this great blog. I would love to do one but just can't find the time.

I started a garden all by myself this year. It's all containerized (is that a word?) and on my back deck.

I'm growing basil (2 kinds), dill, oregano, mint, cilantro, parsley and chives plus tomatoes, bell peppers, squash, zucchini, onions and okra. I put the okra container against my privacy fence though, because as I recall, when we grew okra in Owasso, it was taller that the house.

I'm already getting (and eating!)tomatoes, bell peppers zucchini and all the herbs. BTW, those upside down tomato planters work quite well.