Monday, December 7, 2009

New Home Page

I found this site- and from all I can find on it- it is legit...
I figure I turn on my mac each day and go on the web and that all starts from a home page.
Why not this one?

It has a question each day about dogs- and when you answer the question, they donate 10 pieces of kibble for the dogs in the shelters. They also have a question for cats.
EVEN if you are wrong- the kibble is donated.

195,701,280 pieces of kibble donated since April 1, 2008

It is the easiest thing I do in my day- for the dogs!

I have been working hard on a quilt for a friend... and my machine has decided to mess up on me....... aaaarrrrggggg! I hate when I spend more time taking out stitches than sewing.
FINALLY it is finished and I have the Pirate quilt on the frame- and already un-sewing...
Gonna be a long few days ahead.

My visit back to Oklahoma caused me to miss my appointment with the acupuncture doctor.
I came home from the trip with a wicked headache and back ache... FINALLY had my appointment and am getting to feeling better, slow but sure...

Not the way I had planned to spend the few weeks before Christmas this year....
Not at all!

Later Darlin'

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