Thursday, March 12, 2009

Things I've been thinking of....

Well I found my voice, can't believe I misplaced it- I woke up the next day and it was back. softer but there!
I was happy, Neo-Man, well let's just say he enjoyed the day BEFORE!

Ya know, it was kinda nice not having to talk that day... I know that sounds strange- especially coming from ME... but it eliminated alot of distractions from my day. NO phone.... NO calling the dogs.... NO discussions with MIL... I didn't even have to answer the door. I think I could do that once a month, then I could get some things accomplished.
Hmmm maybe the Monks know something and have been keeping quiet about it all along!

While I was silent- I was looking thru some old photos. I had told my friend TK about the year I had hollyhocks growing on the side of the house. I have such good soil- or toxic, I'm not sure which (I live near the old Sherwin Williams Paint works and it has been deemed a toxic waste area) ANYhoo, one year the hollyhocks grew SO TALL that I had to tie them up at the second story window, or it would fall over and get run over in the driveway. See

And this last summer I transplanted some cosmos from the neighbors yard. They were shocked when I dug them up and Mikey just knew they wouldn't make it. WELL make it they did! They grew to be over 6 ft tall, and were by my back door. In this pic you can see them tied up to the wrought iron cane to keep them from faliing over. Also in this pic you can see the second story window on the side of the house, where the hollyhock grew up to.

Neo-Man and I are planning our flower garden now... so if you see flowers from Google Earth it's my house!

Not sure if you watched CBS Sunday morning a few weeks ago. They had a story about a new fish they found. It's called a Psychedelic fish and it is wild looking. They only have one live one and another one that is dead- that's it, ALL they have. You can watch it here.
VIDEO: "Psychedelic" Fish Hops on Seafloor

or see the pic I took of it while it was on our tv. This is his face- it has light blue eyes and both eyes are on the front of his face instead of on each side. WILD looking!

and lastly, this is a block from the YELLOW quilt I have to make. I am going to give it to Janine to help her thru the loss of her husband John. Neo-Man said the funeral was VERY moving.
I think it is bright and cheery- hopefully will make her feel good.

So, I need some sleep so I can get up and finish the rest of these blocks.
Take it easy... be safe!
Later Darlin'


Sara said...

I wanted you to know I love your quilts. I would have loved to have something like this when we lost our son, so I can only imagine the sweetness you bring to the lives of those who have lost their sweet little ones.

God bless you!


Sherry said...

Hi I Love the quilt I would like that pattern if you have a chance. I use to be a hospice volunteer and would love to do one for a fundraiser.