Thursday, December 6, 2007

My tree is UP

To most folks that is a common thought. You get your tree, either real or artificial - mine is artificial- I just like it better....

You place your tree on the floor- you put all your lights, garland, ornaments and such on it and it is "UP" for all intents and purposes.

Well a few years ago back in 2003, my mother-in-law moved in with us after she sold her house. She took over the downstairs where we normally had our tree- TV- life...

So we moved to the mid level of a split level and used the front room as our "Living room" to say it was small is thinking BIG... we had a HUGH sectional couch and an entertainment center and a small china/book case... It was functional most of the time... kinda cozy! ;)

Then came the Christmas holiday season!!!! Where do you put a tree- our nice big artificial tree??? "We won't have one this year" he said.

Now I'll be damned- if I haven't made concessions for this new living arrangements- but NOW it affects the holidays- MY holidays! OH NO it won't.

So I went out and bought a smaller tree. A fiber optic tree- the ones where the branches are attached. No need to string lights on these.

We did a little magic to the base. AND WE HAD US A TREE!!!

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Yep! I hung that baby on the ceiling. So when I say my tree is "up"- THAT year it really was!

It was a hit. We would open the curtains and everyone walking by would just stop and stare... kinda like wondering if they had fallen down somewhere along their walk and hit their head and now it wasn't screwed on right ..
You would see them tilt their heads to each side..... then shake it and keep walking.

With a BIG SMILE on their face..... :)

I loved this tree - it made me happy, we used it for 2 years. All my ornaments hung away from the tree so you could see them better. The dog didn't get into it.. You didn't bump into it.
You could stack LOTS of gifts UNDER the tree-literally!
Then the motor went out on the fiber optics and we had to throw it away.
Pics of it went out in emails to all my friends & family...
Some folks thought it was blasphemy... but I didn't know Jesus had a tree?

My MIL moved out, so we got our BIG room back downstairs. Bought some new bigger furniture... and life has been good in the big room.

So this is what we are doing for Christmas nowadays. We put it "Up" yesterday.

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It's pretty and all, don't get me wrong, I really love this tree it has many happy memories, gonna be interesting with the 2 dogs now.

I just miss putting my tree "Up"...

Till later Darlin'


Shan Marie said...

Love to see the tree up!!! Even if it isnt truely "up"!!! I miss you!!!

Oh yeah, here is my blog for you:

Rural Ro said...

Lori, I love your tree. It's beautiful! Whether it's upside down or right side up, it sure is purty!