Friday, November 23, 2007

Awake now from the turkey nap...

I hope all of y'all had a wonderful Thanksgiving!
I sure did, LOTS of great food and a family to spend it with. I have much to be thankful for.
The love of my husband & children. The many friends I have. My health- be that as it may...I still wake up on this side of the grass. My parents are still in fairly good health for their "Golden Age" and ALL my siblings are still alive and healthy... The talent the Lord blessed me with to help bring joy into folks lives. I have been blessed with much and I appreciate it everyday! And I thank the good Lord everyday for my blessings!

Thanksgiving day weather was CRAZY in New Jersey!!! I woke up and @ 7am it was already 60 degrees. The high for the day was 71 degrees. I had ALL my windows open and the doors. The sun came out for a little while... the front was moving in from the west and the clouds were rolling in. By dinnertime it was raining- BIG raindrops and then the temperature DROPPED.
It was 32 degrees low last night and the wind blew like crazy, and today is only suppose to be in the low 40's... Oh well, it IS Fall, and boy did they fall over night, the leaves that is.

It has been a nice fall colored season- late to change but some really pretty ones.
Here is a couple of pic from a place around the corner from me.
From a distance yesterday- kinda grey out.
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closer to the trees.
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and when the sun broke thru- you can really see the different colors here on the same tree.
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I love the trees around here!
Y'all have a good one and if you are going shopping- remember just a little kindness and courtesy will make you time more pleasurable... NOT SO CRAZY!!
I'd rather have an ass whippin' than shop on this weekend... Y'all have fun!

Later Darlin'

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